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A Mystery Guides booklet is intended for personal use only. All content is subject to copyright and may not be photocopied, reproduced, distributed, or used in any manner outside of reasonable personal use.

The historical information provided herein is to the best of our knowledge accurate at the time of printing. As you are participating in a live treasure hunt in a public environment, it is possible that the route or certain clues may be obstructed from time to time. We shall not be liable to you in the event of any loss of enjoyment resulting from inaccurate information or inaccessible clues or parts of the designated route.

We shall also not be liable for loss or damage to property, personal injury or death resulting from your participation in this treasure hunt. By agreeing to participate in this treasure hunt you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your own safety. If you are unwell we advise that you do not participate in this treasure hunt. If you become unwell during the treasure hunt we recommend that you seek medical attention and cease your participation.

While we recommend that you do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during your participation in the treasure hunt, it is your sole decision if you decide to ignore our recommendations.

The route outlined in this treasure hunt booklet only uses public rights of way and should be fully accessible. However public rights of way can change over time and parts of the route may not be accessible to the public. Where you are asked to enter private property (a pub, garden or park) alternative clues are available in the event of obstruction or closure. You are always responsible for your own safety and ensuring that you stick to the designated route without trespassing. ALL MATERIAL CONTAINED IS SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT: © WELLS SERMO LTD 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


1. If you wish to eat at any of the venues included in a Mystery Guide, it is advised that you book a table in advance.

2. Any food & drink discounts available in these Mystery Guides are at the discretion of the stated premises, and may be subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

3. Please note: On rare occasions, monuments, signs and other items may be temporarily covered, or permanently removed, which will prevent you from solving a clue. In this instance we ask you to use the extra clues at the back of the book, and if possible, please report this to us using the contact details provided. Clues have been carefully selected to ensure that any instances such as this are extremely rare. It is recommended that you do the activity within 3 months of purchase, to reduce the risk of any closures or changes to venues / clues.