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How many Mystery Guides™ do I need?

It’s really up you! But to make sure that everyone can get involved, we recommend one Mystery Guide™ for every 2/3 people.

Do I need to book anything in advance?

You don’t need to book anything! Once you receive your Mystery Guide, simply grab a pen and head to the starting point detailed on page 4 of the booklet.

How can I start?

A Mystery Guide™ is delivered via FREE Express Delivery, which takes 1-2 working days. Once it arrives, you can begin! Follow the map to the starting point, find your first clue, and start solving the mystery!

Do I need to go indoors to solve clues?

The vast majority of clues are located outside, however on some occasions there will be indoor stopping points. In these instances, extra clues are always provided in the back of the booklet, making the indoor stops optional.

Are pub stops compulsory?

Pub stops are optional, and have been included to give you a rest along the way. Locations have been carefully selected to provide you with the oldest and most atmospheric taverns available in your chosen destination.

How do I claim food & drink discounts?

Some Mystery Guides include food & drink discounts, which can be redeemed by showing the booklet to staff. These are at the discretion of the premises and may be subject to change without notice.

Is it for adults or kids?

Mystery Guide™ adventures are designed for adults, but can be fun for all the family! For the adults there are cryptic clues, optional pub stops, and a whodunnit story to unravel along the way. It's like an escape room... but outside! If children want to join the fun.. no problem! They can read the maps, hunt for the clues, and help their parents crack the puzzles (.. they might solve them before you do!). As long as they are aged around 8+, they will have a great time exploring! The walk is not too far for young adventurers, ranging from 3-4km, and there is nothing included that would be unsuitable for children. However please note: some pubs don't allow children inside. In these instances, you can scan a QR code to see a photo of the clue, or you can use the hints at the back to solve it. Lots of families have taken on a Mystery Guides™ challenge.. so go for it!

How long is the book valid for?

We recommend that you complete your Mystery Guide™ adventure within 4 months of purchase, to minimise the risk of route updates or clue changes. These changes are extremely rare, but they do occasionally happen. Make sure that you subscribe to the mailing list so that we are able to send you updates should these occur.

Are all the adventures wheelchair accessible?

Some, but not all. Due to the nature of the activity, you will sometimes be required to climb steps, access less-accessible areas, and go up and down hills. Each product page has got a wheel-chair accessible symbol if it is suitable, however you can always check with me in advance. If you experience any issues along the way, I would be very keen to hear about them, so please let us know!

What if I can't solve a clue?

If you get stuck at any point, there is extra help on the back. There is also a QR code that you can scan, which links you to photos of all the clues. On very rare occasions, a monument or plaque may be blocked or temporarily covered, so in this instance you can solve it using these extra resources.