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London's West End


Can you expose the West End actress who lurked behind Molly's career-ending fall? 

Old Portsmouth

The Mystery of Nelson's Stolen Diamonds

Can you catch the villain behind Portsmouth’s most daring diamond heist?

Regency Bath


The Mystery of The Prince's Stolen Statue

Can you find the thief who swapped the Prince Regent's golden statue for a humble cabbage?

The Mystery of Who Pushed Molly May?

We loved it and would highly recommend!

We absolutely loved this and would highly recommend! It’s such great fun and an amazing way to see the beautiful and historical sights whilst learning interesting and unusual facts and essentially playing a real life version of cluedo! (All in your own time) 

PD Phelan, TripAdvisor

History, mystery and fun!

I've done other walks and treasure trails, but I still learnt some fascinating facts. I loved the clues, some of them were quite cryptic and you had to think outside the box. It's a really well put together book and treasure hunt. Great for spending time and working together.

Michelle, TripAdvisor

A perfect pastime

This was a great way to spend a few hours. We loved the look and straightforward layout of the hunt that took us round a very attractive route. The interesting facts were a bonus adding the ideal amount of
detail between clues.

Sarah, TripAdvisor

My Story

How Mystery Guides began...

I hold a degree in Early Modern History and I've always been interested in travelling to new places. I realised however that simple guided tours were not engaging, exciting or flexible enough for me. I wanted to create a fun and interactive way to discover new places, learn some amazing history stories, and discover the most atmospheric taverns and hidden cafes. After experiencing a local escape room for a friend's birthday I realised that this type of activity could be brought outside!

I decided to create an outdoor escape room, with a fictional crime to solve, and include the best history stories and unique places to visit along the way.

After the success of my first mystery which was set in my hometown of Portsmouth, I decided to follow it up with activities set in London's West End and Bath.


I hope you enjoy my mystery adventures as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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