Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Mystery Guide?

You will receive your Mystery Guide in the post, 3-5 business days after purchase.

Do I need to book anything in advance?

You don’t need to book anything! Once you receive your Mystery Guide, simply grab a pen and head to the starting point detailed in the booklet.

Where does it start?

A map and directions to each starting point are provided in your Mystery Guide.

How long does it take?

Walking distances range from 3-4km, and the activity should take between 2-3 hours (depending on the length of your refreshment breaks along the way!)

What type of puzzles do we need to solve?

There are a vast range of different puzzle types, which are tailor made to relate to each stopping point. Examples include hidden objects, number games, missing word puzzles, codes to crack, people to find, and many many more.

What is the target age for these activities?

The escape-room style clues and amazing local history stories are designed for adults, however that isn’t to say that children can’t also take part! Clues vary in difficulty so the whole family can play! Adults can solve the harder clues, while children aged around 10+ can take care of the easier ones. Everyone will learn something and have fun along the way!

How many people can participate with one book?

I recommend one book for 2-3 people so that everyone can take part in solving the clues and reading the story. You don’t want 10 people huddled around just one book!

Is a Mystery Guide a book?

A Mystery Guide is a 40-44 page colour booklet, containing maps & directions, puzzles to solve, local history stories, and a fictional narrative which develops along the way.

What happens if I can’t solve a clue?

At the back of the booklet there is an ‘Extra Clues’ page, which provides extra help or an alternative clue so that you won’t get stuck.

What if the clues are obstructed or change?

Use the ‘Extra Clues’ page at the back of the booklet for an alternative clue, and ideally report the problem to us.

Do I need to go indoors to solve clues?

The vast majority of clues are located outside, however on some occasions there will be indoor stopping points. In these instances, extra clues are always provided in the back of the booklet, making the indoor stops optional.

Are pub stops compulsory?

Pub stops are optional, and have been included to give you a rest along the way. Locations have been carefully selected to provide you with the oldest and most atmospheric taverns available in your chosen destination.

How do I claim food & drink discounts?

Some Mystery Guides include food & drink discounts, which can be redeemed by showing the booklet to staff. These are at the discretion of the premises and may be subject to change without notice.

Is it dog-friendly?

Absolutely. Walking routes are mostly outside, and where indoor locations have been featured, they have been selected with this consideration.