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Advent Calendar Extra Clues

Window 1: Start your search at #1 North Pole.

Window 2: This elf is standing on a ladder.

Window 3: Long-haired elf looking out of the top window.

Window 4: One of the 4 pictures is different on the cover. (Count the snowman's buttons)

Window 5: Look for footprints in the snow!

Window 6: These tasty treats can be found in a box.

Window 7: Find 'London' (England's capital city). 

Window 8: Find the missing 5 dots under the tree.

Window 9: Candles help you see at night.

Window 10: What has two wheels that can go round and round?

Window 11: WEST - WE = ST     BEAR - BE = ?

Window 12: Look for letters TJ on a pair of socks.

Window 13: Find the red and white candy cane.

Window 14: Find a farm animal who spins in the wind. 

Window 15: 'This man is missing a piece'. Look for gingerbread.. 

Window 16: Find an elf with pointy ears

Window 17: Click, picture, flash... find the elf with a camera!

Window 18: Find an elf with red hands. 

Window 19: The words create the number 14. Find the number in chalk

Window 20: RED, HOLLY, BOW  (Find it on the Christmas tree)

Window 21: One elf is reading a cook book. 

Window 22: Find a LIST of names. 

Window 23: One elf is inside a picture frame

Window 24: The guilty elf is wearing sunglasses!!

Where is the pudding?  Behind the plant!