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York's Hidden Gems: A 48 Hour Adventure

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Day 1


Start your Mystery Guides adventure

Your mystery begins…Hole in the Wall

A pub that takes its name from a discovery made my builders where a hole lead to a dungeon… (please be aware the pub opens at 11am).


Clues 1 - 10: Why is there a devil on the wall?

In the first half of your adventure, you'll discover the city walls, Barley Hall and York Minster. Not far from here, come face to face with a mischievous red devil sitting outside an old printing shop. But - why is he here? Devils have been a symbol of the printing trade for hundreds of years, some believed that workers ink-stained finger tips linked them to the dark arts… others suggest that the Devil was the culprit behind an unexplained printing mistake.


Local legend says that looking straight into his eyes will cause a lifetime of misfortune…


Take a Break!

Around clue 11 of your adventure, you'll find a quaint (and reportedly haunted!) pub - the Golden Fleece - which dates back to the early 16th century! Over time many ghoulish beings are said to have taken up residence in the building - the grounds around the pub are known as Lady Peckett's Yard because of the lady seen wandering there. Rumour has it, you may also spot a Victorian child, some Roman soldiers, a Canadian WW2 pilot and One-Eyed Jack…


Clues 11-16: How did the Shambles get its name?

In the second part of your adventure, you'll discover Davygate, St Helen's Square and Shambles. The clumsy layout of the Shambles apparently served a practical purpose… merchants were required to pay land tax - the size of the ground floor - so building upwards cost them nothing! 


Although the buildings are a bit disorganised, the name Shambles actually comes from the Saxon word ‘fleshammels’ meaning street of the butchers. 


4pm (approx.)

Finish your adventure

Your mystery ends…High Petergate

Grab a bite to eat at the final location or explore one of the nearby eateries on Low Petergate.

Night time at York Minster.

Stay the Night

Uncover the secrets lurking within Guy Fawkes' former home by staying the night at The Guy Fawkes Inn. Born in this house in 1570, Fawkes went on to become a name lodged in history for his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Today, any home previously owned by Guy Fawkes is forbidden to celebrate Bonfire Night!


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Day 2

Will you survive the Vikings?

Relive the arrival of Viking settlers in York (or Jorvik as it was known then!) and witness the outcome of their lengthy rule over the city. Will you survive a day at the Jorvik Viking Centre



If (like me) sweet treats are more your style, delight in delicious chocolately treats and cakes at the iconic Betty's Tearoom, a firm favourite in York that dates back to the 1920s!