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York Hidden History Bonus Content

So you’re going on a York Mystery Guide adventure… Don’t miss these BONUS hidden gems!

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We've squeezed so much history and hidden gems into the York Mystery Guide... but some things just couldn't fit! Check out these five bonus gems that will make your trip extra special...

An Extra History Gem

Clifford's Tower is a short walk south from The Golden Fleece (clue number 11 in your adventure). Over the years it has has been many things - a medieval fortress, a Civil War garrison, a royal mint - and the site of a gruesome massacre. In 1190, an angry mob attacked a group of Jewish citizens who were sheltering there, leaving no survivors. Now, it houses a fantastic museum - and a sky deck with panoramic views of York.

A Bonus pub / cafe

Ye Olde Starre Inne, one of the oldest pubs in York, is a short walk from Barley Hall (close to clue number 9) on Stonegate. The pub served as a hospital and mortuary during the Civil War and now serves delicious food and drinks - just watch out for the ghosts. This pub is reportedly home to several human - and cat - spirits!

A Bonus Attraction

Will you survive your brush with the Vikings at Jorvik? You can reach this incredible, immersive experience by heading south from the Golden Fleece (after clue number 11). Don’t forget to hold your nose – this incredible, immersive experience recreates the sights, sounds - and smells of Viking-age York!

A must-visit independent shop

Don't miss The Shop That Must Not Be Named when you're walking down The Shambles (close to clue 12). This street is known as 'York's Diagon Alley' - and this shop is a must for Harry Potter fans! Look out for all sorts of Potter goodies - just be careful when you try Bertie Bott's Any Flavour Beans!

Staying overnight - how about this hotel?

The Guy Fawkes Inn is perfectly placed as a base to set off on your adventure! Allegedly born in this house in 1570, Fawkes went down in history as the man who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Today, any property connected to Guy Fawkes is forbidden to celebrate Bonfire Night!

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Night time at York Minster.

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