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Winchester's Hidden Gems: A 48 Hour Adventure

We've planned the perfect Winchester trip... so you don't have to!

Woman enjoying her Winchester adventure.

Day 1


Start your Mystery Guides adventure

Your mystery begins…Winchester Plague Memorial Monument


Clues 1 - 10: Where is the tiny church?

In the first half of your adventure, you'll discover Westgate, the Guildhall and the Cathedral. Not far from here, nestled in the city walls, above an ancient entrance to the city, you'll find St Swithun-Upon-Kingsgate - a tiny parish church. Named after the Anglo-Saxon St Swithun - who you may recognise from the weather predicting rhyme - the church was a favourite of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Coggan, who would often play piano during services.


Take a Break!

The Eclipse pub makes the perfect half-way resting point - but it's past was not so peaceful. After being caught harbouring traitors, Alice Lisle, was sentenced to death - spending her last night in this very building before climbing out of the top window to face the executioner's axe!


Clues 11-16: On the Big Screen!

In the second part of your adventure, you'll discover the Wykeham Arms, Winchester College and stroll beside the River Itchen. Winchester is home to many ancient education sites, including Winchester College (founded in the fourteenth century) and the Pilgrims' School (founded in the eighth century). Today, as well as being a school, the buildings are used in film and television - like Les Miserables and The Crown. 


4pm (approx.)

Finish your adventure

Your mystery ends… around Bridge Street

Grab a bite to eat at the final location or explore one of Winchester's many upmarket restaurants. 

Winchester Cathedral and Grounds

Stay the Night

Occupy a cell for the night in the quirky prison themed Black Hole hotel with a fantastic roof terrace for gazing out over the Winchester skyline. The hotel was once a former antiques shop hence the unusual layout!


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Day 2

Will you uncover the secret door?

Lurking behind a secret door hides the enchanting world of Incognito. Under the watchul eye of unusual owner Chadwick Smithfield, enjoy an array of fascinating libations including ingredients like bubble bath, bacon and a side of gunpowder…


Walk the Water Meadows…

Just behind the Cathedral, you'll find signs directing you to the Water Meadows and Hospital of St Cross. This lovely, countryside walk will take you out of the city and in moments you are surrounded by nature - if you're feeling particularly brave you can challenge yourself to climb the steep St Catherine's Hill! If you continue on the path, you'll eventually reach the ‘hospital’ - which in the older sense of the word, is a charitable location to help the poor. The tradition of this building continues today, if you knock on the wooden door of the Porter's Lodge and ask for your ‘dole’ you'll recieve a small token of bread and beer.