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Southampton's Hidden Gems: A 48 Hour Adventure

We've planned the perfect Southampton trip... so you don't have to!

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Day 1


Start your Mystery Guides adventure

Your mystery begins…The Titanic Musician's Memorial

A plaque dedicated to the musicians who continued to play when the ship was sinking. 


Clues 1 - 8: Soldier Signatures

In the first half of your adventure, you'll discover the Titanic Engineer's Memorial, Bargate and Blue Anchor Lane. In and around this small lane, you'll pass by hidden gems like the American Wall (or D Day Wall) - where US soldiers scratched their names as they waited to depart on boats heading for France. See if you can find the wall in person or take a look online


Take a Break!

In Southampton there are many pubs linked to the city's maritime past. Many sailors and dockworkers would end long shifts with a quick pint (or two) in the pub before heading home - just like in The Titanic Public House. 


Clues 9-16: Who sailed from Southampton?

In the second part of your adventure, you'll discover Holyrood Church, Mayflower Pilgrim's Memorial and the old Wool House (more about this later!). In 1620, the Mayflower (and sister ship the Speedwell) set sail from Southampton heading for America - around 40 of the passengers went on to become what we know as the Pilgrim Fathers. 


4pm (approx.)

Finish your adventure

Your mystery ends…near Town Quay

Grab a bite to eat at the final location or just down the road explore the luxurious Ocean Village (including Harbour Hotel). 

Tudor buildings in Southampton

Stay the Night

Nestled in the ancient walls, the stunning boutique Pig-in-the-Wall Hotel is waiting to impress with beautifully decorated rooms, incredible restaurant and wonderful cocktails. 


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Day 2

What happened to the Wool House?

One building in the city has a very colourful past, after starting life as a wool store, it became a prison for French sailors during the Napoleonic Wars (you can still see scrawls left by the inmates around the building), later an engineering company, a haulage company, part of the transportation hub, a Titanic museum and finally one of the city's most loved pubs and restaurants - Dancing Man Brewery (who are well known for their delicious, quirky pies and craft beers).


How did the Titanic sinking impact the city?

Understand and witness first-hand the devastating impact the Titanic disaster had on the city of Southampton, pay a visit to the modernised SeaCity Museum with lots of interactive activities and court room to watch dramatic proceedings after the sinking unfurl!

Who really was to blame?