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Chester's Hidden Gems: A 48 Hour Adventure

We've planned the perfect Chester trip... so you don't have to!

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Day 1


Start your Mystery Guides adventure

Your mystery begins…The Roman Amphitheatre


Clues 1 - 12: How did a statue get convicted of murder?

In the first half of your adventure, you'll discover Roman Gardens, Chester Castle and Chester Racecourse.

Buried beneath the racecourse is believed to be a very important statue with a turbulent past. During a storm, it is believed that a statue of the Virgin Mary fell from the roof of a local church and killed a local lady. A jury of twelve men deemed the statue guilty of murder condemning it to a life underground…


Take a Break!

Pull up a chair in the welcoming Coach House Inn, a guesthouse for those visiting Chester since the 1840s. 


Clues 13-16: Where to find the Roman Treasure

In the second part of your adventure, you'll discover Chester Town Hall and a Roman Strongroom. Roman soldiers were fairly well-paid and tempted into a life of service by a large pension (for those who made it that far anyway!). Interestingly, our word ‘salary’ comes from ancient Roman times when soldiers were paid in salt or ‘sal’. 

4pm (approx.)

Finish your adventure

Your mystery ends…Not far from Watergate Street

Grab a bite to eat at the final location or explore one of Chester's many restaurants. 

Chester Shops

Stay the Night

For decadent luxury hidden within historic walls, look no further than the Chester Grosvenor Hotel. The current building dates back to 1865 but records show an inn utilised the site previously as far back as the 1600s.

Day 2

A Tissue, A Tissue, We All Fall Down…

Learn more about the gruesome and gory past of medicine at the museum aptly titled Sick to Death. As funny as it is disgusting, this hands-on interactive day out will have you laughing and cringing at some of history's cures for deadly diseases. 


ATTENTION! Onward March!

Experience a day in the life of a Roman soldier at the Deva Roman Experience. Uncover fascinating historic artifacts as you venture around the attraction. The actor-led shows are bound to entertain as well as educate on what life was truly like at the time of the Roman Empire.