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Bath's Top 5 Hidden Gems

Some awesome treasures to discover on your adventure...

People enjoying their Bath adventure.

Dare to taste the ancient water...

No trip to Bath would be complete without a visit to the Roman Baths (around Clue Number 3 of your adventure) where you can taste water directly from the spa fountain. Roman people used the baths as their leisure centre, here they'd get spa treatments, have a snack, meet with friends and play ball games!

How did a yellow door anger parliament?

The Royal Crescent may just be one of the most photographed places in the world (be sure to snap a selfie here and be the envy of your friends!). But, one resident ended up causing mischief when she painted the front door of her Grade I listed property bright yellow. The act was supposedly so outrageous that it was discussed in the House of Commons! 

What was the fate of the yellow door?

You'll have to see for yourself…

A view of the Roman Baths and Cathedral.

A Hidden Tipple (or two)...

The perfect pitstop for solving clues is the well-stocked gem Independent Spirit of Bath (which you will find on the way to Clue 4). From craft beer to gins and whiskeys, what new beverage will you discover…

Where is the smallest pub in bath?

Rest your legs in the welcoming Coeur De Lion, supposedly the only tavern in England with this name (meaning lionheart in French). The other infamous character with this name was Richard the Lionheart, who features in Robin Hood tales along with the snivelling Prince John!

put your feet up!

Indulge in the regency style, like a true Bathonian, in the stunning townhouse Abbey Hotel with a perfect central city location for your exploring!  


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