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The Mystery of Nelson's Stolen Diamonds

Turn the historic streets of Old Portsmouth into an exciting outdoor escape room with The Mystery of Nelson's Stolen Diamonds!

✔️ Solve the clues & crack the mystery
✔️ Discover amazing local history
✔️ Get some fun outdoor exercise!

Can you crack Portsmouth's most legendary unsolved mystery?! (Suitable for adults & older children)

Solve a range of cryptic clues including word games, maths puzzles, and hidden objects, as you unravel the historic mystery and discover the true identity of Portsmouth's most infamous diamond thief!

As the story goes, on Horatio Nelson's last day on dry land before joining his ship to fight in the Battle of Trafalgar, he stored a valuable diamond necklace in a chest in one of Portsmouth’s many taverns for safekeeping. That night, the tavern was broken into and the necklace was stolen! You must follow the route, eliminate suspects, and return to the scene of the crime to get to the bottom of Portsmouth's most audacious diamond heist!

This treasure hunt is the best way to see the key historic sights of the city and soak up true local stories of its most notorious characters and places.

'The perfect blend of Portsmouth, puzzles, and history!'

Distance: 3km walk

Duration: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Medium

(Adults + older children)

Players: 1-4 per booklet

Clues to solve: 18

We loved it and would highly recommend!

We absolutely loved this and would highly recommend! It’s such great fun and an amazing way to see the beautiful and historical sights whilst learning interesting and unusual facts and essentially playing a real life version of cluedo! (All in your own time) 

PD Phelan, TripAdvisor
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