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Oxford's Hidden Gems: A 48 Hour Adventure

We've planned the perfect Oxford trip... so you don't have to!

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Day 1


Start your Mystery Guides adventure

Your mystery begins…The Chequers

An unusual pub that in the 1700s, housed a collection of fourteen exotic animals - allegedly including a shark! (Please be aware the pub opens at 12pm).


Clues 1 - 13: Share a Pint with Presidents!

In the first half of your adventure, you'll discover the University of Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera and Turf Tavern.

Enjoy a drink in the stomping ground of stars, who often frequented this pub for a well-deserved break! The extensive list includes CS Lewis, Stephen Hawking, Elizabeth Taylor and US President Bill Clinton.


Take a Break!

Enjoy a pitstop in the Three Goats Heads pub, which got its name from Robert Woolley who was a member of the Cordwainers (a group of skilled shoemakers whose crest has three goats heads on the shield).


Clues 14-16: Friend or Foe?

In the second part of your adventure, you'll venture by the Carfax Tower and Bonn Square. Not far from here is Oxford Castle where, during the witchcraft trials of the 17th century, many women were thrown into the moat to test their guilt. 


4pm (approx.)

Finish your adventure

Your mystery ends…Blue Boar Street

Grab a bite to eat at the final location or explore one of Oxford's many unusual eateries - like inside the nearby Covered Market. 

University of Oxford buildings.

Stay the Night

If, like me, you want to come back from a trip with stories to tell your friends, then book a stay in a converted prison, now the Malmaison Oxford Castle Hotel. One of the most famous inmates of Oxford was Anne Greene, who famously survived her own execution! With plenty of places to bunk down for the night, if you dare…


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Day 2

Books and Booze!

Inside the covered market you'll discover lots of unique independent stores, but none quite like Gulp Fiction, a bookshop/cafe/bar. With live bands, special offers and a great atmosphere, its definitely worth a visit!


A Collection of Curiosities…

To quench your thirst for knowledge there are plenty of museums to indulge your academic pursuits, perhaps the most quirky would be the Pitt Rivers Museum. A labyrinth of cases full with strange antiquities and artefacts that await…